Tech Resources

Complete infrastructure for teams

450m2 of modern workspace with meeting rooms & open space for meetups in the center of Zagreb, Croatia

80+ top-notch mentors

Leaders and industry experts at your disposal, ready to share their knowledge and insights

Partner network

Strong network of 45+ academic, tech, and industrial partners. Including 20 local and international VC funds

Tech resources

$450.000 of tech resources available from top IT companies per year for each team

up to $120.000 of AWS activate credits per year per team

up to $120.000 of IBM cloud credits per year per team

up to $120.000 of Microsoft Azure credits per year per team

up to $17.500 credits for Infobip products and services per year per team

$2000 Oracle cloud credits + 70% discount for two years for those registered in the startups program

$2000 Deepsquare credits, HPC and tools for AI and Data Science, 50% discount for 2 years on node/hours price

Approved tier partnership with 90% price discount for the first year


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