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Vendue Tech

Vendue Tech

Ivan Livić


Jurica Šonje


Marin Mastilica

Data energy engineer & real-estate facility management

Krešimir Certić Misch

Brand and product design

Nikol Brnas

Investor relations & comms

Ivana Todorovski

Product design lead

Fran Livić

Research team & pre-sales lead

Antonija Antolković

Real-estate research

Filip Bobinac

Software architecture & development
Start / end:
Start / end:

We are building a co-investment platform for distressed and undervalued real estate. After companies go bankrupt, all of their assets are being liquidated, and this process has historically been inaccessible to regular investors, who did not have access to timely information or enough capital. The marketplace is vague, inefficient, low-tech, lengthy, and requires large volumes of legal knowledge, time, and manpower.

With our cloud-native platform, we are consolidating all the necessary data sets into a data lake, enhanced with signal intelligence gathered by our Research Team, and advanced analytics. With the objective to help retail investors find the best undervalued real-estate investment, and (co)invest, tokenize ownership, or buy as full owners for the above-average market returns.

Think of it as a Robinhood app, but for distressed/undervalued assets.

An wireless IoT detector molecule of better sensitivity than canine scent, that allows early detection of severe diseases.
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