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Hrvoje Džapo

Marko Sukreški

Hrvoje Mihaldinec

Lovro Tovernić

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Everybody talks about big data in sports but nobody collects it on a large scale. 99% of sport clubs do not have access to high-tech digital tools to boost their athlete performance because of their limited budgets.

Ultrax develop cost-effective hardware and software ecosystem, from optimized sensors, data management and analytics. Their affordable hardware solution will massively increase adoption of sport tracking system now reserved only for elite teams.

Peekator is an agile market research platform specifically built for running simultaneous multi-market research studies. We took the biggest pains from the process and made them effortless.
MVT Solutions offers seamless digitalization with sensors, apps, and cloud tech—effortless and efficient.
Rearm is a Zagreb-based IT company revolutionizing technology through innovative low-code and AI solutions.
Supermind is an AI-driven generative technology offering personalized soundscapes for improved well-being.
Spiritus is a platform for storing and creating digital memorials that could last forever.
Online AI tools for video and image processing
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