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Robots Go Mental

Robots Go Mental

Prof.Dr. Danko Nikolic


Davor Andric


Vjekoslav Nikolic

VP of engineering
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Robots Go Mental (RGM) helps autonomous vehicles and the metaverse industry convert the complex real world into the synthetic 3D world of cyberspace. Autonomous vehicles and metaverse customers use the World Replica service to generate 3D content as synthetic data for simulation, gaming engines, deep learning training, and verification. Our guided transfer learning(GTL) technology and synthetic data generation engine used in Word Replica provide 3-5x faster inference, and 20-50x smaller deep learning models operating on 5-10x fewer data than the state-of-the-art solutions without compromising quality. The result is 3D content with 50-80% lower prices than current solutions.

An wireless IoT detector molecule of better sensitivity than canine scent, that allows early detection of severe diseases.
Taskotto is a platform that helps you maintain your quality level inside your organization through tasks.
A multispectral image-based sensor systems that outperform leading LIDAR technology in real-time autonomous operations.
Intelligent service center services based on its own proprietary AI platform, designed for application to all kinds of business problems.

Incubator for all software ideas related to data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning

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