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Rearm is an IT company based in Zagreb, dedicated to innovation in the realms of robotics and computer science. Renowned for developing revolutionary low-code and AI solutions, we are reshaping the approach to technology. Our mission at Rearm is to redefine the tech landscape, delivering cutting-edge programming services and implementing groundbreaking products. From collaborating with major international corporations to partnering with local startups, Rearm successfully provides programming and implementation services that empower organizations to harness the full potential of technology for growth and success.

Peekator is an agile market research platform specifically built for running simultaneous multi-market research studies. We took the biggest pains from the process and made them effortless.
MVT Solutions offers seamless digitalization with sensors, apps, and cloud tech—effortless and efficient.
Supermind is an AI-driven generative technology offering personalized soundscapes for improved well-being.
Spiritus is a platform for storing and creating digital memorials that could last forever.
Online AI tools for video and image processing
Revolutionizing call centers
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