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At Prozumeri we are developing a digital platform for pooling in and helping investments in renewable energy sources. We are building a place for finding projects you would like to co-invest in, a monitoring dashboard that provides real-time data about your projects and later on your energy production/consumption, and finally  a trading platform for your energy surpluses that are produced by the projects you invested in. By harvesting the full potential of co-financing, energy communities and renewable technologies we are serving as a linchpin between different stakeholders, including governments, private entities and citizens, to efficiently and beneficially plan and realize their green investments.
System of modular remotely controlled toy cars that consist of two separated units, car chassis and car body, combined together they create a functional product of an RC toy car.
CHILLA – Dynamic clothing brand that merges art and fashion by transforming everyday clothing items into wearable pieces of art.
BuyChat is revolutionizing market research by leveraging AI and chat technology. Their platform collects grocery price data from verified consumers through their photo receipts.
Adrema – new generation ERP & CRM software for micro, small and medium enterprises market.
At Curriqla, we are committed to transforming the traditional HR recruitment process.
Sonder AI is an innovative platform designed to serve as a personalized digital assistant, focused on optimizing daily activities and enhancing social interactions.
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