Alumni Team
Project / Product:


Gordana Agatić

UX/UI designer & co-founder

Srečko Zajec

data analyst and PhD candidate

Ivan Crnković

Front end developer

Matko Hrnjkaš

IT project manager

Ilija Blatančić

backend developer

Dario Petrlić

machine engineer

Boris Agatić

data scientist & co-founder
Start / end:
Start / end:
24/11/2021 is a powerful automated software tailored for the cryptocurrency market and blockchain tech with no closing hours, running 24-7. Decision-making is easier if you use powerful ML models for your trading strategy and rely on data and automation. Create your own strategies with Kaufkraft’s strategy builder, use basic ML models for price predictions or dollar cost averaging strategies. With you won’t miss another opportunity and you decrease the risk of price volatility. Spend your time on important things, stop watching the coin market cap a hundred times a day, simply use

An wireless IoT detector molecule of better sensitivity than canine scent, that allows early detection of severe diseases.
Taskotto is a platform that helps you maintain your quality level inside your organization through tasks.
A multispectral image-based sensor systems that outperform leading LIDAR technology in real-time autonomous operations.

Incubator for all software ideas related to data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning

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