Alumni Team
ESG Films

Miljenka Čogelja

co-founder & producer

Đuro Gavran

cofounder & director
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Start / end:
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ESG Films

We are helping big organizations in the EU communicate their ESG commitments through internal or external films, making complex data more digestible to all stakeholders. After a decade of crafting films and TV projects distinguished by top-notch storytelling, striking visuals, and social relevance, our work has received acclaim in Croatian and European media. This recognition spans critically acclaimed Croatian films and widely endorsed social campaigns. ESG Films Ltd, a PIPSER spin-off, was founded after creating the documentary series “Good Economy”, delving into sustainable economic practices in Croatia.
System of modular remotely controlled toy cars that consist of two separated units, car chassis and car body, combined together they create a functional product of an RC toy car.
CHILLA – Dynamic clothing brand that merges art and fashion by transforming everyday clothing items into wearable pieces of art.
BuyChat is revolutionizing market research by leveraging AI and chat technology. Their platform collects grocery price data from verified consumers through their photo receipts.
At Prozumeri we are developing a digital platform for pooling in and helping investments in renewable energy sources.
Adrema – new generation ERP & CRM software for micro, small and medium enterprises market.
At Curriqla, we are committed to transforming the traditional HR recruitment process.
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