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AI Perception

AI Perception

Benedikt Lazar

Mladen Litvić

Mirela Filipan Litvić

Zvonimir Mršić

Dražen Nikolić

Hrvoje Bardek

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Start / end:

AI Perception develops an wireless IoT detector molecule of better sensitivity than canine scent that allows early detection of severe diseases and thus improves the possibility of cure. AI Perception, a non-invasive method of disease detection, can determine the presence of disease with high precision.

Taskotto is a platform that helps you maintain your quality level inside your organization through tasks.
A multispectral image-based sensor systems that outperform leading LIDAR technology in real-time autonomous operations.
Intelligent service center services based on its own proprietary AI platform, designed for application to all kinds of business problems.

Incubator for all software ideas related to data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning

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