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Peekator is an agile market research platform specifically built for running simultaneous multi-market research studies. We took the biggest pains from the process and made them effortless.
MVT Solutions offers seamless digitalization with sensors, apps, and cloud tech—effortless and efficient.
Rearm is a Zagreb-based IT company revolutionizing technology through innovative low-code and AI solutions.
Supermind is an AI-driven generative technology offering personalized soundscapes for improved well-being.
Spiritus is a platform for storing and creating digital memorials that could last forever.
Online AI tools for video and image processing
Revolutionizing call centers
Utilizing AI to detect genetic disease predispositions
Boont wants to make insurance smarter and simpler
Deep LS helps pharma industry accelerate the drug discovery process
We are building a co-investment platform for distressed and undervalued real estate.

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If you have an AI-related idea or early-stage startup, you are an ideal candidate for BIRD incubator.


System of modular remotely controlled toy cars that consist of two separated units, car chassis and car body, combined together they create a functional product of an RC toy car.
CHILLA – Dynamic clothing brand that merges art and fashion by transforming everyday clothing items into wearable pieces of art.
BuyChat is revolutionizing market research by leveraging AI and chat technology. Their platform collects grocery price data from verified consumers through their photo receipts.
At Prozumeri we are developing a digital platform for pooling in and helping investments in renewable energy sources.
Adrema – new generation ERP & CRM software for micro, small and medium enterprises market.
At Curriqla, we are committed to transforming the traditional HR recruitment process.
Sonder AI is an innovative platform designed to serve as a personalized digital assistant, focused on optimizing daily activities and enhancing social interactions.
Experimenters are developing a virtual 3D lab simulator that enhances the way students, teachers, and tutors conduct electrical circuit experiments.
Using AI and advanced computer vision, DELTAsort industrial robots are optimizing sorting in recycling, packaging, and inspection.
ESG Films is helping big organizations in the EU communicate their ESG commitments through internal or external films, making complex data more digestible to all stakeholders.
Consumer experience made better
AI assistant for prescribing medication
FitSit is a web application that helps you create a habit of a healthy posture.
RGM helps convert the complex real world into the synthetic 3D world of cyberspace.
Recre is a mobile app to help you create your own sports events.
An wireless IoT detector molecule of better sensitivity than canine scent, that allows early detection of severe diseases.
Taskotto is a platform that helps you maintain your quality level inside your organization through tasks.
A multispectral image-based sensor systems that outperform leading LIDAR technology in real-time autonomous operations.
Intelligent service center services based on its own proprietary AI platform, designed for application to all kinds of business problems.
You Intelligence is a start-up with a mission to simplify life by creating customer-first solutions that utilize the power of computer intelligence. is a powerful automated software tailored for the cryptocurrency market and blockchain tech with no closing hours, running 24-7.
AI powered self-service dashboard and social-media engagement platform that combines qualitative insights and quantitative modeling.
Everybody talks about big data in sports but nobody collects it on a large scale.
UX Mining is a remote usability testing platform that leverages AI and existing user hardware to find more insights.
Mr. Popper turns video ads into a fun, interactive, rewarding game!
Cidrani is shaping the future of wellbeing and longevity by developing the world’s most precise, AI-powered platform for personalised nutrition.
Cutting-edge, unsupervised A.I. extracts actionable, explainable, and human-readable insights from structured and unstructured text data in many formats.
BeyondMerrity is the data analytics platform that helps you Improve Employee Engagement.
Bioinformatics in the service of artificial intelligence to accelerate enzyme design.
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