The Tech Boost Program introduction at BIRD

The Tech Boost Program introduction at BIRD

There is a famous quote that says No man 0i s an island. We believe it is the same regarding Incubator/Accelerators or any other organization launched to support a startup. We do not think of others as competitors. We see other similar institutions as our complementary partners. Through joint efforts we can achieve much more to enable the startups we nourish to grow and achieve their goals.

Our partner from the very beginning, is the Business technological incubator of Krapina-Zagorje County. Together we are constantly looking for projects on which we can achieve a synergy effects. One such project was presented to startups yesterday at BIRD by Romana Kerep, Head of Business Technology Incubator of Krapina-Zagorje County / Head of the WBAF Croatia Country Office. It’s about 3rd generation preacceleration & acceleration program The Tech Boost. The Program is designed to accelerate the growth of early stage start-up founders who wish to prepare for the first investment round. The program covers wide range of verticals and industries while prioritizing impact-driven entrepreneurs. The Tech Boost Program is a designed as a partnership between Europe’s leading B2B startup accelerator and selected regional accelerators, supported by European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) Entrepreneurship Academy.

As some startups at the BIRD are completing their 6-month agenda, they have the opportunity to continue their entrepreneurial journey with our partner.


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