First intercontinental transfer of an Indian startup to Croatian AI Incubator

First intercontinental transfer of an Indian startup to Croatian AI Incubator

When Ronaldo made transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus in 2018 it was such a big news. It always is when such a star moves from one big football club to another. Just imagine news if and when Messi decide to change club.

We also like to share a news, note as important worldwide media news but for a Croatian Tech community is on the same level as Ronaldo leaving to Juventus for football fans.

In a joint collaboration between Croatian BIRD Incubator and Indian SpingUp capital, we are very happy to announce the first intercontinental transfer of a great Indian startup Marksman Digi Technologies to Croatia

Marksmen Digi Technologies is an expert in AI Training data set collection, data annotation, premium data collection, and also data analysis. They are specialists in data transcription, analysis, and annotation and have gained many years’ worth of in-depth experience.

As part of Incubation they will work on a new project of creating an ecosystem, a one stop shop for all data AI pioneers need. (Product and services ranging from medical data, facial data, audio data, automated driving data, image recognition data…) Ecosystem will also include annotation tools and platform for labelling and transcription. They aiming for AI training data set industry which is valued at $4.8 billion USD by 2025.

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