Csquare is BIRD’s new deep tech partner

Csquare is BIRD’s new deep tech partner

Csquare is a new technology partner of BIRD Incubator, which will provide the startup teams with an advanced technology platform for deep learning. Swiss based tech company, csquare is a purpose-built MLOps platform created to enable maximal efficiency and minimize go-to-market time. They will provide BIRD teams with the optimized and dedicated MLOps platform and zero-waste HPC clusters. Csquare is created by data scientists and ML experts and it will enable deep tech startups to train their deep learning models in a fraction of time and maximize the value from the data.

This collaboration is a continuation of the BIRD Incubator’s activities to provide technological infrastructure the teams need to develop their AI projects. For the teams at an early stage of development, it is crucial to have available technology platforms on which they can achieve their own vision.


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