Cidrani received the first investment reaching 3M EUR valuation

Cidrani received the first investment reaching 3M EUR valuation

We are extremely proud to announce that one of the teams from BIRD, Cidrani, closed their first investment round reaching a valuation of 3M EUR, and they are only at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. They joined BIRD to upgrade their longevity lifestyle concept by building a tech platform for personalized nutrition based on artificial intelligence.

Bruno Balen, Chief Genius Ideas Officer, said, “Even though this is a great milestone, we are not excited because we know that the top of one mountain is only the bottom of the next one. Nothing fails like success, and we have the responsibility now to nurture our ‘genius’ more than ever in order to continue delivering extraordinary results.

What have we learned? We came to know that big goals serve as guidance, as well as a source of strength in difficult times. They inspire us to keep on innovating and remind us of what the would could be like if our vision came true. Yet, when we accomplish them, the game is not over. There is no enlightenment or absolute joy when that happens. We simply continue, and it is the journey that matters.

With the support of the BIRD team, productive work environment, mentors who are truly masterminds in their respective fields, guidance, attention and care we get there on a daily basis, it is easy to find joy in small daily victories. Thank you for helping us make the journey more beautiful than any goal.”

Nika and Bruno, the founders of Cidrani, are very ambitious and committed to achieving their goal, that people live not only extremely healthy and much longer than today, but that this life is worth living – full of strength, strong health and a high level of creativity and connection with community. The digital platform they are building with the help of BIRD resources is the first step on their path. We are glad that they recognized and chose BIRD as the Incubator where they will realize their genius.

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