BIRD Incubator and N1 TV Launch the official “AI Elections” Challenge

BIRD Incubator and N1 TV Launch the official “AI Elections” Challenge

Predict the Future of the Croatian Parliamentary Elections with AI!

In their newest collaboration, BIRD Incubator and TV N1 present “AI Izbori” (AI Elections), a unique challenge for students and young professionals to predict Croatia’s Parliamentary Elections using AI.

The primary objective of AI Izbori is to push the boundaries of prediction using cutting-edge AI technology. Participants are encouraged to form multidisciplinary teams, bringing together individuals from diverse fields such as technology, politics, economy, and more. The challenge entices participants to do the seemingly impossible — predict the outcome of the forthcoming Croatian Parliamentary Elections through the lens of artificial intelligence.

The progress of participants will be closely monitored and evaluated by a distinguished jury comprised of Hajdi Cenan, Vuk Vukovic, Tihomir Ladisic, and Jadranka Kosor. To ensure participants have the support they need, a team of highly skilled mentors, including Goran Gvozden, Marko Rakar, Davor Runje, and Gordana Kastrapeli, will be available to guide them through the intricacies of prediction with AI.

BIRD Incubator also extends gratitude to partners CRO STARTUP and CroAI (Croatian AI Association) for their unwavering support and collaboration on this groundbreaking project. The alliance with these esteemed partners reflects a commitment to fostering ongoing collaboration and growth.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of a groundbreaking project that merges artificial intelligence and real-world applications. Make your mark at the intersection of AI and real-world events and dare to predict the unpredictable! Sign up for the AI Izbori challenge here.

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