Ambassador of the Republic of India visits BIRD Incubator and Poslovna inteligencija

Ambassador of the Republic of India visits BIRD Incubator and Poslovna inteligencija

The Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Republic of Croatia, His Excellency Raj Kumar Srivastava, who took office in September last year, visited BIRD Incubator for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics and the Poslovna inteligencija yesterday. The reason for his visit was a meeting with the President of the Management Board of Poslovna inteligencija Dražen Oreščanin and the topic of the conversation were potentials of cooperation between India and Croatia in the IT sector.

His Excellency Raj Kumar Srivastav expressed interest in the possibility of support in expanding cooperation between the two countries in the IT sector in the period after the Covid-19 pandemic. He also emphasized his satisfaction with the fact that one of the teams that started working on their projects in the BIRD Incubator was from India. It is the startup team Marksmen Digi Technologies that is developing a platform for the sale and annotation of large data sets such as images on which it will be possible to train algorithms and models of AI.

Another existing interaction of Poslovna inteligencija and Indian companies relates to cooperation with the Indian accelerator and investment house, Capital Fund Spring Up Capital and the presentation of Croatian AI startups to Indian and American investors to be held on 26 February.

The conversation covered the possibilities of cooperation with some of the universities in India that have strong Data Science programs and the bringing of Indian graduates for exchange or internship programs in Poslovna inteligencija. In this context, there was also mention of visa assistance for all those coming from India either as members of startup teams in the BIRD incubator or as students and employees in Poslovna inteligencija.

“Ambassador Srivastav has extensive experience in the field of economy, and especially the startup ecosystem, and he knows the situation in the startup environment in Croatia very well. We believe that we can further develop cooperation between BIRD Incubator as a link between startup ecosystems in India and Croatia.”, said Dražen Oreščanin as he shared his vision of how Croatia could develop as a hub for Indian AI companies that want to do business in Europe and would establish their branches in Croatia.

This meeting and the topics of conversation indicate that there already is a foundation and content for cooperation between India and Croatia, and even more so, there is also interest and support that goes beyond individual efforts and projects. To the satisfaction of the both parties, it was concluded that this initiative can be implemented systematically and that it can significantly strengthen the economic ties between the two countries.

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