Apply and create a solution – Win a prize!

This is a great opportunity for all innovative teams that are confident in using machine learning/artificial intelligence and can provide out-of-the-box solutions.

Challenge participants will have the opportunity to:

Work on a real-life business challenge with help from experienced mentors
Be offered continuous cooperation with CO after the project is realized
Win prize money – top three teams will receive prize money
Use the project as your degree thesis

Project Goal

The main goal of this challenge is to create a tool for segmentation of the insurance market through the usage of provided databases. By the end of the challenge, your tool should be able to create clusters of clients to help us understand their needs and later create tailor-made offers.

Prizes for participants:

30 000 kn
15 000 kn
5 000 kn


Usage of BIRD Incubator facilities during the duration of the challenge
Help of experienced mentors with a vast knowledge of the industry
Internal and external databases


Project brief

Client name:​

CROATIA osiguranje d.d. (hereinafter: „CO“)

Project background:

CO is an insurance market and digital leader in Croatia and as such has a responsibility to setup market trends and define industry-related innovations based on global insights.

To maintain leading position, we are constantly looking for a way to improve our UX, products and pricing with emphasis on customer needs and expectations.

Uprising challenge to our corporation is handling large client databases to understand full potential of insurance market segmented by predefined parameters and sorted in specific groups/categories.

Project goal:

Segmentation of whole insurance market into B2B and B2C clients with further fragmentation of B2B clients into corporative, SME, micro entrepreneurs, freelancers and others, based on predefined parameters.

Until the end of the project we should understand different types of clients on the market, supported by ML and AI to group clients into specific clusters for whom tailor-made propositions will be developed in later phase.

Project development:

Introduction workshops for brainstorming between team members and variety of internal mentors.

CO will provide internal mentors with insightful knowledge of insurance market who will advise team members and steer them through project development process.

Final products:

Market database divided by predefined parameters with functional ML algorithms to perform constant update

Internal CO database divided by predefined parameters with functional ML algorithms to perform constant update

Define potential database upgrade to support future customer journey design

Data sources:

Internal database, CVH, HUO, DZS, Infobiz, Google ads, etc.


Application – up to 18th of October

Pitch and Kick-off – 20th of October

Total project duration – 6 weeks for development + 2 weeks for additional enhancements


1st place – 30.000 kn

2nd place – 15.000 kn

3rd place – 5.000 kn

How to apply:
  • Create a short pitch and present your solution to the project challenge
  • 5 teams will be chosen to proceed with project engagement
Download the Croatia osiguranje & BIRD Incubator Data Challenge brief in PDF to read more about this challenge



The applications for this challenge are over!
Follow us for future challenges.

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