AI Izbori – Report

AI Izbori – Report

We recently organized a competition aimed to familiarize the general public with artificial intelligence’s implications and motivate young people to innovate and learn AI.

To foster innovation and knowledge as an AI startup incubator, we recently organized the AI Izbori competition in cooperation with N1 television. The competition aimed to familiarize the general public with artificial intelligence’s implications and motivate young people to innovate and learn AI. Participants were challenged to build an AI model that predicts the results of the parliamentary elections in Croatia that were held this year.

The response to the competition was impressive, with over 20 applications initially submitted. After revising applications, 13 teams advanced to the second round of the selection process. In this phase, each team presented their innovative approaches on how they would predict the results to a jury consisting of 3 members, Hajdi Ćenan, Vuk Vuković, and Tihomir Ladišić. The presentations showcased a variety of approaches and highlighted the teams’ understanding of AI and its potential applications in electoral predictions. The jury faced a tough decision, but eventually, they selected three teams to advance to the final round. These teams were tasked with developing and training their AI models to predict election outcomes, a challenge that tested their technical skills, creativity, and ability to work under pressure.

Image 1. Members of the Jury

In total, there were 8 episodes filmed of AI Izbori. In the first episode, we introduced the project and provided an overview of its objectives and structure. The second episode featured the second round of the selection process, where the 13 teams presented their AI-based solutions to the jury as mentioned. In the third episode, the three teams that made it to the final round met their mentors, who would guide them through the challenging process of developing and training their AI models. The mentors, Davor Runje, Goran Gvozden, Gordana Kastrapeli, and Marko Rakar, brought experience and knowledge, providing invaluable support to the teams.

Image 2. Mentors Providing Feedback

Episodes four, five, and six focused on the progress updates from the teams. Viewers got a behind-the-scenes look at the hard work, creativity, and problem-solving skills that went into developing their AI models. These episodes highlighted the dedication and determination of the participants as they refined their models and strategies.

Image 3. Filming of AI Izbori

The seventh episode was the changing moment in the competition. The teams presented the results they predicted before the elections, showcasing their final models and the insights they had gathered. In the final episode, we announced the winners. The evaluation was based on two criteria: predicting the top five parties that would receive the most votes and predicting the number of mandates each party would secure. Each team could score a maximum of 750 points.

The final results were as follows:

Parlametrika scored 679.66 points, earning third place.

Proroci glasa scored 712.91 points, securing second place.

S.A.N.J.A. emerged as the winner with 719.75 points.

The award for the first place was 5,000 euros, the second place received 3,000 euros, and the third place was awarded 1,000 euros. It is important to point out that the predictions of the winning team were more accurate than official surveys.

Image 4. The Top 3 Teams

The whole competition lasted from the 15th of November 2023 to the 14th of June 2024. It was intended for students, but we also had one high school team from MIOC who wanted to give it a try. Although they did not officially participate in the competition, they stayed till the end and developed their AI model, too.

“I would say that we are satisfied with the result. We had a little bit of knowledge about AI before applying to the competition, and definitely no prior knowledge about politics. We had to learn all about elections and different parties throughout the competition. Therefore, it was an amazing opportunity to learn, not just the technical part, but about our society as well.” ~ Jakov Savić Nosan from MIOC ElectionLogic team.

Image 5. MIOC ElectionLogic Team

Overall, this was one of our longest projects and we are glad we successfully brought it to the end together with N1 television.  We are excited to see the lasting impact of AI Izbori on the participants and the broader community. If you wish to watch the episodes, you can check them out here. Otherwise, see you at the next elections! 😉

We recently organized a competition aimed to familiarize the general public with artificial intelligence’s implications and motivate young people to innovate and learn AI.
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